Sunday, 14 September 2014


source: Comme des Garconne wallet/Kusama/RMS beauty Spirit Lounge/Kate Moss Juergen Teller 2001

Totally into red...

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Back from the wilderness

Good day! I am has been forever. A lot has changed since we last met. My daughter is now almost a year old. My son has started school. I am ready to dive into this crazy world of inspiration. Blessings and love. 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Gillian Tennant

 Images from

I am in love with Gillian Tennant. Her website is beautifully simple and check out the pictures of her NY loft as well. Absolutely gorgeous.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Beauty Routine

I am now twenty weeks into the pregnancy and it has dawned on me as I told a new friend about my blog that I haven't posted in way way too long. Recently as the need to pamper my growing body seems more important than satorial pursuits, I have developed an amazing beauty routine that has made my skin glow from Inside out. It might just be pregnancy but my skin has never looked better. 

Number one: Really quality vitamins with Alpha Lipoic Acid and fish oil. ( I think in my last pregnancy I was turned on to Zita West, an amazing vitamin specialist based in London. She does vits for Women who are not pregnant too. A bit pricier than Centrum but the results on my skin have been great. You can pick her stuff up in most posh pharmacies around London/UK. Find it here

Number two: Green smoothies and Juices. Again, I was doing this pre pregnancy but have found that a daily dose of spinach/kale/chard has made me feel bright. I will hope to continue this as well although with a new will be tough.

Number three: Yoga and Meditation. These are unexpected additions but make me feel peaceful and more beautiful in my skin. It helps when I am feeling anxious and self critical. 

Number four: Cleansing Oil and massage. Shu Uemura original cleansing oil-thank you. You are my lifesaver and life long cleanser. Hey, if it worked for Marilyn Monroe...but why are you no longer sold in the US? Find it here

Number four: Serums and creams. I tried the whole no 7 boots range when it reached mass hysteria. I thought it was great, I sooned learned in a couple of months that it actually made my skin worse. Switch it up. Find what works for you and don't use the same stuff all the time- your skin gets used to it and stops working! At the moment I like Omorovicza here 

Number five: Thermal water. You know those sprays that you see in the pharmacy and think what are those for? I will tell you, this has been probably the best thing for my red and sensitive skin. If the tap water in your area is hard, spray your face after cleaning with this thermal water and pat dry with a tissue. Magic! No redness! A little tip I picked up from Isabel Bellis via Into the gloss. Pure Awesomeness. Brands available are from Avene, La Roche Posay, and Evian.

Above all, spend time looking after yourself. I think our busy lives make us feel guilty for pampering a bit but spending ten extra minutes a day just for you time will make you feel human again after running around like a maniac. Now go run that bath.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

D Luxe Packing

D Luxe

Top Isabel Marant
Shorts Ksubi
Bag Free People
Sunglasses Celine
Shoes Marni

Even though my holiday isn't until the end of the month (destination Sicily!!) I cant help but dream of beautiful beaches and what I am going to bring. There is something so thrilling about packing for vacations. It seems that we prepare and pack what is essentially a dream wardrobe of wispy nothings and little bikinis, favorite sandals, and summer make up. Ahhhhh. Here I have put the dream top...from Isabel which prompted me to get the Alexia, a less ornate and cheaper version but still full of bohemian charm. Oh and the sandals I got are Zara versions of the Marni...can't go wrong with Zara. Happy travels!!

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Margaret Howell baby

Really feeling the simplicity of Margaret Howell at the moment. I love these pictures and the stripped back look of the shoot. Its real you know, nothing too flash just great basics and shoes. I am pregnant now so I must wave good bye(for now) to complicated clothes. I love navy, white, black and tan. note to self: must end my Isabel Marant addiction( at least until fall when the baby is born!!!)