Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Make up Brushes 101

via Laurla

Quality make up brushes are so important for a good application. They are not only going to last for years but they feel so luxurious when you use them. Its much more of a treat using gorgeous(clean) brushes. You dont have to clean them everyday but twice a month with gentle shampoo should keep them like new. If you are breaking out it might be time to clean your brushes!  Never wash in hot water as good brushes are hand laid and they will start to shed. Make up brushes come in two styles: synthetic and natural hair. A general rule is to use natural hair for powder and synthetic for creamy products like concealers or foundation. The best tools for make up in my opinion come from Shu Uemura, Bobbi Brown and Tom Ford. Some of my make up artist friends have even found beautiful brushes at the art supply store. 

Favorite Brush: Red Shu Uemura Powder brush (so pretty)
most used brush: Tom Ford Foundation Brush 
best brush for the eyes: Mac pencil brush
Cant live without: Mac blush brush
Worst Brush: Mac foundation brush( it turned green and rotted!!)

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